Warm Skin Tones:

Warm skin tones tend to be olive or golden and tan easily

Eye colours are brown, hazel green or golden brown

Natural hair colour is rich dark brown or golden blonde

Look better in gold jewellery

Warm skin tones should wear colours with a red, orange or yellow (warm) undertone. Eg rich auburns, coppers or caramels, chocolate or rich golden browns, warm honey or golden blondes. Avoid platinum blondes, ash browns and anything with a blue, green or violet (cool) base.

I’m a firm believer that you’re never to old to wear any colour in your hair. Yet, as we get older we start to wonder does this suit me? Is it making me look older? Do I look like I’m trying to look too young? Things we didn’t worry about nearly as much in our 20s.

Everyone has a skin tone that is either warm or cool. Some are very firmly one or the other, some sit closer to the middle. Choose a shade that works for your skin tone and it can make you look years younger. Choose the wrong one and it can have the opposite effect. Younger people tend to have fresher skin, less lines and more even skin tone, meaning it’s more forgiving if they pick a colour that doesn’t ‘match’ their skin tone. They’re also more likely to put the effort into changing their makeup to match a particular colour that they just HAVE to have.

As we get older, it becomes more important to choose a colour that flatters skin tone to help minimise and not accentuate lines, redness, under eye bags and all the other things that are inevitable (booo!!!) That doesn’t mean you can’t be dark, or blonde or even pink, it just means you have to pick the tones of those colours that work for you.

So how do we go about doing that? Not everyone is trained in colour theory. So here’s an easy way of figuring out the basics.

Cool Skin Tones:

Cool skin tones are fair, usually with a pink or yellow undertone and tend not to tan easily

Eye colours are blue, green, very light brown, or very dark brown that looks almost black

Natural hair is either black/very dark or ‘dirty’ ash blonde

Look better in silver jewellery

Cool skin tones should wear colours with a violet, blue or green (cool) base. Eg jewel tones, white platinum blonde, very dark brown/black, dark violet-red, ashy blonde or ashy brown. Avoid copper, caramel, honey blonde, golden browns or anything with a red, orange or yellow (warm) undertone.

If you are unsure which category you fall into, ask your colourist to help you out. Not only will knowing your skin tone help you pick the correct hair colour to suit you, it will narrow down the options making it easier to decide, and can also be used to help you pick colours for your wardrobe and even your makeup. Handy huh?

Now you’ve figured out if you’re warm or cool, that will go a fair way to help you figure out what colours work for you. If you’d like more in depth information and more specific colour choices, take a look at Episode 3, where I will break the warm and cool tones down and go into more detail to help you pick your very best shade.

See you next time

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